We're serious about talent.

Finservice FZ LLC collects multiple international experience and expertise of a group of Italian Entrepreneurs in partnership with Emarati entities, each specializing in a strategic sector and at least 15 years of international success.

Finservice FZ LLC Team consists only of Entrepreneurs and this is what makes it so unique and successful. Each project is a new challenge for us that we will overcome by planning every detail of each single action and optimizing to the best of all the resources available. This is because as Entreprenuers, maximizing results is our priority.

Finservice FZ LLC owns an international network of key contacts which sums up all of the personal relationships of our members from the highest level both institutional and commercial. This is considered to be a great addition to optimize time and resources allowing Finservice FZ LLC to achieve the unthinkable.

Finservice FZ LLC Projects are aimed at:
  1. Movies, TV and Media Production
  2. Organize Events in the U.A.E.
  3. Open up new Markets in the U.A.E.
  4. Organize Events that open up new Markets in the U.A.E.

all in an International Scenario.

„Every project is a new challenge to produce something unique.“

Our Team can boast a number of national and international Successes and Honor over the years:

  • has launched 800 new small Italian Firms;
  • has organized international Events attended by thousands of foreign Stakeholders as the U.A.E.-Italy Economic Partnership Forum, Fiera Milano Congressi Center in 2005;
  • has organized and managed two economic Mission of the Italian Ministry of Economy in the U.A.E.;
  • has educated young Italian generations and given more than 2.500 jobs in national and multinational Companies;
  • has enabled 150 U.A.E. university students to travel in Italy and learn from renowned Italian Creativity by studying the Productive and Entrepreneurial System;
  • has received numerous Awards and Recognitions over the years from Government Patronages and Representative Offices even a national and international level;
  • is actively involved in Social issues with A.N.G.E.L.S. — National Association of Great Energies Leading Solidarity — a NPO which refers to the protection objectives of the Convention on the Rights of Children and provides health care in Italy for sick or injured children coming from the war-afflicted zones, logistic and economic assitance to facilities for childcare as well as activities that promote peace and solidarity between populations.

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